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Have you ever considered what it takes to put a barcode on something? Well neither did I until recently. It seems that there are three ways that you can go about obtaining one:

a.) Buy a barcode that was owned previously. This is a good enough option for some major retailers like Amazon. Barcodes don't actually store any information; they are just a string of numbers. These barcodes are unique (since they originally come from GS1). So no one else will accidentally have one.  Additionally, some retailers just make a local list of barcodes that they store in the store computer. They don't check it against an international database.

b.) Buy a new barcode never before used with your companies ID built into it. These are barcodes that come from GS1 and can be used internationally (except for some mom and pop stores). If you intend on selling at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Federated Group, and Kroger then you must use this option. These are much more costly upfront and also carry annual fees to keep.

c.) Generate your own. There are free websites and apps that can do this. However, you run the risk of making one that ends up being a duplicate with something else. Additionally, it might not be in the correct format that the store would need.

One extra bonus tidbit:
Some people think that a barcode has 666 in it. It is true that the sync markers (left, middle, end) are all the same. Depending on how you look at the number 6 you might be tempted to think that those markers are just 6's. Hence why some think that it contains the famous mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation. Keep in mind that there are many types of barcodes. However, officially these markers are not 6's.

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