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More Characters!

Since the inclusion of the Running Mate mechanic I needed a couple more character in the game. Since my goal is to make the game work for up to a 6 player count I need 12 total characters (two each). It was back to the graphic artist with 4 more characters!
Without further ado here are the four newest characters:

The Athlete Growing up I always had a childhood sports hero. He was the kind of guy that although tired from an away game would stay for another 2 hours signing every last autograph from the people waiting! He would be the first one in the locker room and the last one out. It is this dedication that this character embodies.

The Preacher Throughout the years many I have heard many a sermon from pastors and evangelists. It takes a lot of work to prepare a message. Pride can even get in the way of the message. This characters embodies the servant's heart and leadership.

The Teacher When I asked my wife for input on what the next character should be she immediately jumped to thoug…

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