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A look back before the New Year

  What a year! When we look back at the year a lot has happened! So I thought it would be interesting to look back at the evolution of one of the character cards. Currently, I am up to revision 14!      Revision 5 The War Hero embodies that candidate with the military background and battle-tested character. The Green Player used to be required to take this character (hence the green background).        Revision 6 Removed the Green Background. So now no matter what color meeples you pick the character is not directly linked. Now players can choose whatever character they want. This also helps me scale up the player count as otherwise I would have to introduce more colors to introduce more characters.      Revision 7 The six absentee ballot bonus proved to be goo powerful. So I tried scaling it down a little. I also tried to make it more obvious that you only get the bonus at the end of the game.              Revision 8 I wanted to give players more decision space. Also, some playtesters

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