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Polling the Board Game Community

The Board Game Design Lab is a great community for creators to share ideas and collaborate. I frequent the site quite a lot to learn from others and give feedback as I am able. On several occasions I have asked the community for feedback, and they have not disappointed! There are so many generous people there that donate their time to help everyone better their designs.   Poll: Which Design is Better? on the new direction of the card design. Design A was the new redesign and Design B was the original. After 69 comments later here are the results: A:50 B:6 Either: 1 There is a clear winner! I'm going with A. :-)   Poll: What makes your game unique? I am trying to distill and crystalize what makes Electoral Barrage unique and worth playing. There are many others games already on the market. In fact, I heard a statistic that there are thousands of new board games released every year. How do I stand out in a sea of board games? I decided to ask others what they consider unique in thei

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