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Money, Money, Money

 What is more thematic in a political setting than a big pile of money! Adding money donations was an idea that I had been kicking around for quite a while, but never included. It adds a layer of complexity so I have to be careful that it really does solve issues to justify its existence. Donations address the following: Action Paralysis Players have immediate short-term goals now. Don't know where to go? Why not go for a pile of money? Fun Factor It is fun collecting things!  Thematic Part of running a modern election campaign is raising large sums of money. So it does feel good on some level that it is a necessary factor.  Balancing I found it difficult to convert some of the character abilities to persistent or always in effect abilities. Once they were tied to money it became easy to implement.  Attack Ads Attack Ads always felt a little like a ping-pong ball. You put in the effort to win a large state like California only to have it stolen by two lucky rolls by other players a

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