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That moment when a player reaches for their phone...

We have all been there. During the beginning to middle rounds of a board game you make a mistake or get some really bad rolls. You can see the end of the game, and it does not include you winning it all. You keep playing the game because you are with friends and family, but the fun is gone. You start checking stuff on your phone while you wait for your turn....How can this scenario be avoided? Well, you could vow to never play another board game again! You could buy off your friends with piles of chocolate! But these are not a real solutions. A well designed board game has already considered this problem and avoids or mitigates it. If you play video games then you are very familiar with this from Mario Kart in the notorious Blue Shell [of death].You need the player to feel like they are always making forward progress (however small) with every action. Recent catch up mechanic iterations:
If you roll a 1 on the die you immediately get a free card! This is simple to remember. Suddenly, r…

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