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Play-testing Pudding

When board game designers invite others to play a developing game it is called Play-Testing. Ask any board game developer, and they will tell you that play-testing 'plays' a critical role in the design process. In fact, it is an inside joke that games needs play-testing, hard-work, other stuff, and did we mention play-testing?
A good play-testing can help with mechanics, replay ability, fun factor, balancing, and many other key ingredients to a successful game. Consider the following: How long will the game last on average? How many players is it best suited for? Which part(s) feel over powered? What part was the most fun? What is the main hook that keeps you coming back? Play-testing can answer all of these questions.

When I started play-testing other game developer's games I was a noob (newbie). I really did not have a great feel for role that I was 'playing', nor did I understand what kind of feedback would best help the game developer. Now that I have over 50 pl…

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