The Name of the Game

Every game needs a name. The name must be catchy and convey what the game is about. When considering many other successful games I arrived at the conclusion that the name must be one to two words. Consider "Settlers of Catan", "Ticket to Ride", "Codenames", "Coup", "Monopoly", "Scrabble", they all follow this "rule".

The name must also be something that I can potentially trademark. So it must be somewhat unique. Additionally, for searchability on the Internet, the name should not already match too much. The working title of the game used to be "POTUS" (which stands for President Of The United States). If you do a Google search for this term you get about 15 million results! The game would have been almost impossible to find in a search engine unless it became wildly successful.

Here are some names that we came up with during some brainstorming sessions:
  • Race to the Top
  • Presidential Aspirations
  • Presitorium
  • Nominational Pursuit
  • President-Elect
  • Electoral One
  • Electorite
  • Caucuses
  • Groundforce One
  • Groundforce
  • Time for Change
  • Electorate
  • Nomineuim
  • Man of the People
  • President Elect
  • Presidential Pursuit
  • Candidate One
  • First to Office
  • Vote for Tomorrow
  • Country First
  • Campaign Crusades
  • Electoral Barrage

In the end, we chose the name Electoral Barrage for a variety of reasons. The Internet domain was available. Google search results return about 142 matches (at the time of this writing) so it is very unique. It is trademarkable. We feel that it conveys the struggle (like a battle) that a candidate must go through to earn the victory.


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