New friends and rolling odds

Due to current events many people have switch to an online experience instead of a physical meetup to test their games. Many virtual play testing groups have been recently created or grown much larger as a result. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people and make a lot of new friends.

On average I get to play test Electoral Barrage about 2-3 times per week. As a goal I also try to play test other games at least as much to help others out. It is an amazing community. If you play test someone's game many offer to play test yours as well.  This has kept me quite busy, but it is really fun to be a part of someone's game. Many of the comments left directly impact the game which is also fun to see.

Shout outs to Carl M., Ben M., Levi R., and Pat L. who have been especially helpful!

Inspired by a similar graphic in a Discord group I decided to calculate the roll odds in Electoral Barrage. Here you can see the rolling chance for the Red States, Blue States, and White (Grey) States. I found it quite interesting to compare the Chance with +1 roll bonus to the Chance with Re-roll. The Re-Roll is not always better. For example take a look at Red States (100% vs 97.22%) or rolling a 6 (33.33% vs 30.56%).

In order calculate the re-roll odds I found it the easiest to look at the search space for re-rolls. The search space is just the list of all possible rolls as you can see above. In fact a re-roll in this context is the same as rolling two dice at the same time. I just listed all 36 possible combinations. Then for each category (1+, 2+, etc.) I counted up every cell that had a winning combination in it.


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