Tough Decisions

 For the last two months I have been wrestling with direction. Should the game become more complex or simpler? Is a donation economy something that complements the game? Does the debate mini-game have a place here? Am I still hitting my target audience? While wrestling with these questions I have the following minor tweaks.

I took an overall look at the colors in use. I noticed that I had 3 main colors: Blue, Gray, and Red. After being inspired by a youtube video on how to choose colors I wanted to take a closer look at the colors that I was using. The shade of color green that I was using did not match the palette already set in the game. So, I enlisted the aid of a great website for helping choose colors:

Which color palatte do you like better? Can you think of any other accent colors that I should consider?

In an effort to tweak the info-graphic I game up with the following iterations. I posted them on a board game Facebook group for voting. Which is your favorite? Do you think one more clearly explains the information? The all attempt to explain the same information: for Red States you must roll a 2 or higher, Blue is 4 or higher, and Grey is 5 or higher.

The text on the cards needed better centering. I also played around with a third font (Bebas), but eventually decided to stick with the two that I have already been using.I found a nice balance by mixing two fonts (CCTSale and Obeleisk) on the card to spotlight the important key words.

I also have a recent playtester suggest that the mispell "Potatoe" card (subtract one from die roll) should wrap from 1 to 6. Then this card would become very important for strategic plays. Imagine if you have two of these cards in your hand. Then you should turn a Roll:2 into a Roll:6 by using both of them 2 -2 = 6)! Also, they can be used as roll +1. So a Roll:4 could also be a 6 as well! Perhaps this is too powerful? What do you think?

Thanks for your interest and for reading!


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