Campaign Card Updates

 The engine of change has been in full swing. The graphics and mechanics keep getting tweaked and modified. I have made many great suggestions by many playtesters and game designers. With each suggestion comes a lot of work to realize it. 

Lately I have been focusing on the layout of the cards. The original layout was set by the graphic design artist that I hired do lay them out. There was a lot of great feedback about them, however, I was looking for a slightly more modern look now that the game has matured. Also, when the card gets printed the bleed edge gets cut off. If the card has a frame then is more noticeable if the cut is not perfectly centered. Therefore, the frame had to go. I ran a poll to see which design looks better. It got about 90% for Design A and only 10% for Design B. 

Which do you like better?

I had a graphic artist take a look at the cards and make an excellent observation. The text was touching and could affect readability. The default setting of "Auto" was selected. Here you can see the 'y' in "your" is touching the top of "state".

Here you can see that the spacing is set to 11 pt. Now nothing touches!

The background seemed very plain and solid gray. So I put an outline of the states to fill it with some details. Speaking of "gray" you are probably aware that both "gray" and "grey" are acceptable spellings. However, "gray" is more common in the United States so I chose that one.   


I am still not in love with the Roll +1 icon. I have tried other ways of showing that the card can always be used as a roll plus one modification instead of the normal text. Here is one such attempt. I have an icon of a game die with a plus one on it. 

If you have any ideas I would love to hear it!

You'll notice at the bottom of the card a little mini-map for the donation placement. I noticed some playtesters struggling to find the state to place the chit on it. Not everyone knows where they are all. In fact, I have been staring at the map of the US for about a year now, and I still every now and then blank on one. So, struggle no more! Just look where the little white star is located to find its exact position. 

You may have been keen to notice already that the newer designs now contain the key pieces of information with a different font. This helps to make the card to more readable. The text looks like it is bolded, but really it is a different font entirely. Interestingly, the bold font is 7 pt. and the other font is larger at 8 pt. 


Thanks for stopping by! Please contact if you want a playtest, have any ideas, or just want to leave some feedback.


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